New Product Alerts: Root Kombucha and The Base Rose Jam
  • New Product Alerts: Root Kombucha and The Base Rose Jam

    Product: 3 bottles kombucha and a bottle of Rose Jam


    Root is honourly introducing the collaboration with The Base, which is a local brand that specialise in flora tea. 

    As 'not just kombucha' is one of our mission in the brand, we present you with the product as our first step to integrate the way of drinking kombucha as a lifestyle beverage. 


    Maybe you will wonder, how 'lifestyle' if considered as lifestyle?


    Well...try to imagine this when you are staying at home, either work or rest day, rainy or sunny, you will get a moment of relieve from daily stress after tasting the tanginess of kombucha with a tinge of rose fragrant.

    Can you imagine that?Grab it now to experience the real feeling!



    Guide to users:


    1. Pour half cup of kombucha into a glass cup.
    2. Add in some rose jam to the kombucha. Quantity depends on the intensity you required.
    3. Add in some ice cube.
    4. Spacing out (Termenung) or listen to music.

    (Note: you can add into bottle instead of cup. Shake it until foam is produced. The foam will make drink more yummy!)