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This year, We Reunion with Gift

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Midautumn Festival is just around the corner. Full stop.

It is just another midautumn that we need to celebrate without reunion or gathering. Why don't we do something different this year?

Let's put a coma instead of full stop. There you go, Midautumn Festival is just around the corner, and I am going to send my love to my friends and family.


Therefore, we proudly introduce you with our giftbox for Midautumn Festival,with the combination of sweet and sour, as well as nostalgic. 

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This Giftbox includes:

  • Homemade single salted egg lotus mooncake X2pcs (Vegetarian friendly)

  • Kombucha X2 bottles

  • Premium Pu'er Tea Leaves X1 bottle (10g)

  • Mid autumn festive kits (including lantern, candle)

  • Greeting cards


Flavour: Single Salted Egg Lotus Mooncake

Product description

Product done by an experienced mooncake sifu, which is a vegetarian friendly product.

It is formulated with less sugar and without adding any preservatives. Consume it within one week then!

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  • Original (Black tea)

  • Ginger

  • Dragon Fruit

  • Earl Grey Cinnamon 

Product description

Kombucha is a type of fermented tea product that undergoes at least three weeks of fermentation. It exhibits few benefits towards human body:

  • Maintenance of  guts health

  • Aids in liver detoxification

  • Aids in regulation of blood glucose, helps in diabetes prevention

  • Protect cardio health

Kombucha sourness is matching well with the sweetness from mooncake. They are perfectly matched when having together during mooncake session. This kombucha is 250ml per bottle. Choose two with any flavours above for your giftbox!

Pu'er Tea Leaves

Mooncake session will only complete with a pot of hot tea. It makes the session sweet, but not jelak (opps...). It neutralises part of the sweetness from the mooncake, yet not affecting your sleep after your mooncake tea time due to the low level of caffeine.


Last but not Least...

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Take your candle and lantern and show off to your neighbour! But remember to follow SOP :)

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