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"Root, about the fermented food and breakfast"

Root was initiated and inspired by healthy lifestyle that has become mainstream in overseas. It's founder, Tan, was taking this challenge by creating a brand that mainly focusing on healthy living on the year 2019.

But why fermented food?


'Isn't amazing to see so many science happening within fermentation? I think fermented food should be promoted because it basically enhances the taste, nutrition and shelf life of a product." said by our founder Tan

By having the passion after graduating as Food Technologist, he started to invent more flavours of kombucha and food that made up from kombucha for over the past two years.

Now, Root has various type of product ranges that still stick to the initial core value as when it started in 2019, that is: healthy, delicious, eco friendly and natural.

We are also bringing in more products, mainly from local artisan brand, that exhibits high food quality. They are combining well with our product to make it suitable for breakfast.

We are excited to have you in our journey, why not venture together aye? 

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