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We provide serveral OEM and B2B business collaboration with other businesses and retails to create their own branding or increase their product range

OEM / Private labelling SERVICE

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Just focus on your branding, we help you to do the rest of the job. Within the OEM services, we help you to customised the flavour required so that you could create something for your kombucha flavour.

Wholesaling and dealership

We are engaging with different retail owners by placing our product into their retail to increase product variety in their online/offline retail.

Corporate Gift Set

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We are open to corporate gift by customising our gift box with kombucha to your company. 

Why us?

  • MeSTI Certified

We are MeSTI certified, which obey all the rules and regulation of Food Standard in Malaysia.

  • Customised services for your product 

Customisation of product is available from our professional team.

  • Manufacturing Oriented Company

Our production site is purposely designed for beverage manufacturing. Therefore, we are using the equipment that is suitable and professional for beverage manufacturing.​

  • Flexible Collaboration 

The method of collaboration is flexible for every company, regardless their business scale. We customised​ your package according to your need.


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