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By dedicating more than a year of effort on developing the flavours, we proudly present to you with our 4 classic flavours: Black tea, Dragon fruit, Ginger and Earl Grey Cinnamon. Apart from that, we present our monthly special to our customer by changing the flavour in the beginning of each month. Snacks and tea leaves is also available.

Black Tea

By undergoing more than three weeks of fermentation process, Black Tea Kombucha is showing its pureness by creating tingling sensation when drinking. Not forget to mention about its benefits to our guts health, liver detox and antioxidant functions.








Dragon Fruit


Can you imagine a rosy red drink packed with natural produced gas? Yeah, we got it from real flesh of dragon fruit. Apart from the benefits of black tea kombucha, dragon fruit is also rich in prebiotic, which is good to our gut bacteria.









We use 100% Bentong Ginger and the taste is perfectly matched with the sourness of kombucha. Ginger kombucha is good in against with inflammation, so it is good for helping in preventing disease like arthritis and flu.








Earl Grey Cinnamon


Flowery Earl Grey is unexpectedly matched well with cinnamon in kombucha. Both of the ingredient gives stronger taste sensation compared to other flavours.








Monthly Special


Bored with the classic four? No worries, we are here to solve the boredom. By rotating monthly flavours, customer could try our innovation on new flavours every month. 

(Note: July Special- Kombucha with the Rose Jam.)     


Other Products


Mixed Nuts


Tea Leaves


Gift Box



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