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Kombucha Kit
  • Kombucha Kit

    Ready to dig deeper on kombucha? We got your back!

    Root officially launch its special product, kombucha kit, for personnel who is interest to hand on and ferment their own kombucha.

    D.I.Y. kombucha is somehow popular, especially after the booming trend around Malaysia around these two years.


    Within this kit, you will get:

    • 1x SCOBY
    • Starter Culture liquid
    • Instruction Card
    • Black Tea Leaves
    • Brown Sugar
    • Cotton Muslin Tea Bag
    • Cloth and rubberband
    • 15 minutes Q&A phone consultation session 

    (Note: All SCOBY and starter culture liquid are being cultured in our MeSTI certified production site) 

    • Storage condition

      SCOBY and starter culture needs to be stored under dry,cool and well ventilated environment.  

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