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Kombucha Sourdough (JB area only)
  • Kombucha Sourdough (JB area only)

    Collaboration with Pan Kobo Bakery, bread specialist that sells natural yeast fermeted bread in Johor Bahru, we are happy to bring you with our latest invention, Kombucha Sourdough.


    We add in some kombucha on our starter and bread mix during the fermentation process, which enrich the taste and texture of the bread. 


    But why Kombucha sourdough?

    • Create a more stable blood glucose due to lower GI level
    • Improve nutriton profile by making nutrition more readily to be absorbed
    • Aids in liver detoxification due to organic acids in kombucha.


    Feel free to drop us an order, we dispatched around Johor Bahru area on every Thursday.

    Or whatsapp your enquiries to 011-36631265

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