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Root Food Bundle
  • Root Food Bundle

    TWO is better than one?


    Come and try on our handmade kimchi or Sauerkraut by getting 25% off for the second bottle.

    Get your guts some fermented precious,they will like it.


    Oh wait, not forget to mention about the presentable outlook, you can send this as a gift.


    Root promises to serve on food without adding:

    • Preservatives
    • Artificial Colouring
    • Artificial Flavouring


    Shelf life for Kimchi/Sauerkraut: 4-6 months

    Storage condition: Keep refrigerated


    • Storage condition

      Keep refrigerated. This product has shelf life of 4-6 months, suggestion on two week consumption after opening the product. 

    • Allergen alert

      Contain garlic and chives

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