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Root Sauerkraut 300 gram

Root Sauerkraut 300 gram

Showcase to our another type of popular fermented product, Sauerkraut, which is used to be served with sausages and pork knuckle by Germans.

Its salty sour taste matches well with the herbs Juniper Berries, forming an appetizing side dish that is widely accepted by most of the people.

Apart from becoming side dishes, some people will use it as seasoning in:

  • Stir fry 
  • Steam

As it can well seasoning your dish, making it taste better when having it with rice.


Root Saeurkraut is vegan friendly food, where it uses some homebased kombucha as a starter to ferment. 

Side note for that: We don't use artificial colouring and flavouring, preservatives in the product. Feel safe to eat it :)

  • Storage condition

    Please keep it in the fridge after receiving the goods. Keep it chilled.

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