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[Subscription] Bundle of 15 Kombucha
  • [Subscription] Bundle of 15 Kombucha

    Assorted Kombucha Subscription Bundle - Elevate Your Daily Wellness Journey

    Embark on a journey of daily wellness with our Assorted Kombucha Subscription Bundle, curated to provide you with a diverse selection of flavors to enjoy every day. Available in subscription cycles of 4 months, choose between 15 or 30 bottles per month and experience the delightful benefits of kombucha on a regular basis.

    Subscription Options:

    • 15 Bottles per Month: Discover a new flavor each day or savor your favorites throughout the month with this convenient subscription option.
    • 30 Bottles per Month: Double the enjoyment with a generous supply of kombucha to indulge in daily, perfect for households or avid kombucha enthusiasts.

    Assorted Flavors Included:

    Explore a range of flavors, including:

    Original Black Tea - A classic choice for daily refreshment.

    Ginger - Energizing and invigorating, ideal for a morning boost.

    Dragonfruit - Refreshing and exotic, perfect for a mid-day pick-me-up.

    Earl Grey with Cinnamon - Sophisticated and aromatic, a luxurious treat.

    Chrysanthemum - Calming and floral, perfect for winding down in the evening.

    Roselle - Tangy and vibrant, packed with antioxidants for wellness.

    Jun Tea - Smooth and refined, crafted from green tea and honey for a unique taste experience.

    Benefits of Daily Consumption:

    • Gut Health Support: Regular consumption of kombucha promotes a healthy gut environment, aiding digestion and overall well-being.
    • Antioxidant Boost: Enjoy a daily dose of antioxidants from a variety of tea and fruit ingredients, supporting cellular health.
    • Hydration and Energy: Stay hydrated and energized throughout the day with the natural goodness of kombucha.

    Volume per Bottle: 250ml

    Storage and Delivery:

    Your subscription bundle will be delivered monthly, ensuring freshness and convenience. Store your kombucha in a cool environment to preserve its flavors and nutritional benefits.


    Join us on a daily wellness journey with our Assorted Kombucha Subscription Bundle. Exclusively available within Peninsular Malaysia, it's time to elevate your refreshment and embrace a healthier lifestyle, one sip at a time.

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      Subscription BOOCH15
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      RM135.00every month for 4 months
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