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Make your day with a nice guts feeling
Fermented food. Breakfast. Artisan 

Root Fermented Food Manufacturer 
We specialised in manufacturing kombucha and other kombucha based fermented products like kimchi and sauerkrauts. Apart from that, we also engage with other local small business owners who are doing well in fermentation field      


About Root

We produce fermented products and educate public about fermentation and real food diet. 

Root Selection 

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Root Kombucha

With over years of hard work, Root has slowly built up the its high quality product with different variety to serve our customers. We emphasise on real food diet and all our products are free from artificial flavouring and colouring, preservative free and vegan friendly.   

Root Kombucha
Root Kombucha

Earl grey cinnamon kombucha

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Root Kombucha
Root Kombucha

Black Tea kombucha

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Root Kombucha
Root Kombucha

Dragonfruit kombucha

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Kombucha D.I.Y.

'Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime'

That's the center concept emphasised by Root, where we will guide you to make your own kombucha step by step.

One stop service including raw ingredient is available in our online store. Click here for more info.


Root Ferment

Fermentation isn't restricted to beverage, our ancestors from thousand years ago has started to practice fermentation. Here in Root, we ferment food. 



Known as one of the nutritious traditional fermented cuisine in Korean, it has become popular due to its perfectly matched of sourness and spiciness

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One of the popular side dish from German, Sauerkraut is used to be served with their nation dish like sausages and pork knucles.It is very appetizing by their well fermented sour salty taste.

Root Homebrand Grocer

Customised your breakfast with our healthy legumes and seeds. Fuel your body with positive vibe that could last for whole day !


Keen for corporate?


Root is welcoming any form of collaboration. We are happy to connect with any corporate activities including:

  • Corporate gift (Customised gift box)

  • Vending Machine (we have authorised vending machine partner)

  • OEM (Build your own brand)

  • Distribution/ Dealer

  • Bulk Purchase

Come and contact with us for further information!

Brand Collaboration

It is harder to see artisan food products in the market after commercial food production has become mainstream in food industry. However, there are plenty of artisan food producers who are making great effort in presenting their best quality food in Malaysia. Yes, Malaysia. 

We do, have artisan local food producer available in Malaysia, that present a good quality of different types of food.  

Even though we are suffering throughout the torturing pandemic period, but lastly, we survived.

Why not supporting local brand products, which can also be great quality, or even better than other imported one?