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Real Food or not?

In this fast-paced era, we were taught to carry out task by fulfilling two of the options : time efficient and cost effective.

The end result might be: most of us don't take time to persist on something that doesn't show positive result in the beginning. Ironically, our ancestors show dedication and passion on their specialist, especially on food.

A bit old-fashioned but I re-watched the famous Korean drama 'Dae Jang Geum'recently, That's why I am inspired to update my blog (I am also aware of abandoned blogs need some fresh articles).

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We can do some brain storming sessions with ourselves (since most of us work from home at the moment.). Imagine your favourite food that represent your country/race/family/you, in both traditional and modern times.

There are some interesting phenomena to show on my result:

Traditional food of my country: Lontong

Traditional food of my race: Dumpling

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Modern food of my country: Maggie mee goreng

Modern food of my race: couldn't think of a nice one but... seafood tofu maybe?

We were born in modern time, where technology starts to replace our traditional way to make food, most of the thing on shelf seems to be overly processed but thats a norm for everyone to consume it. Unlike the food that shows in the Drama ' Dae Jang Geum', we are getting less real food (the original look even when the food is cooked) consumed in our daily diet. Will that be possible if we reach a time where we just need to have a pill to support our daily life?

I think that's horrific.

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This reminds me of my research back in my university day. My supervisor asked me to handle an RnD project about nutritious bread. Beta Glucan, which is a type of soluble fibre commonly found in oat, needs to be included into the bread for certain amount, with a purpose of claiming the bread as 'high fibre' (back in Australia, we need to hit the limit of certain micronutrient on certain weight in order to claim it as "good source of", for example, good source of fibre product needs to contain at least 4g of fibre per serving of product),


I ended up developing a stone bread, that can be used to smash a window, no kidding!

Figure 5: comparison of bread with and without beta glucan. But both are as hard as a rock.

Figure 6: The dough of beta glucan bread.

But the most horrible part was the raw material added to the bread. Yes, the beta glucan. I felt like a guilty smuggler when I grab it from my supervisor on the first time. A pure white powder, that looks like drugs.

I can't even now how and where it was extracted.

Anyway, before making it too long, I shall stop here. Maybe a food for thought for you guys: Do you appreciate the convenient of modern food or the authenticity of traditional food?

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