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Finding the Root of You

Chinese New Year is coming in a month time. Some businesses even started to add Chinese New Year Song into their playlist before Christmas celebration (too mean). However, by knowing that they are doing it for good deed, by creating some merrier environments during this gloomy pandemic, which is full of uncertainty and stress.

As we all know, there used to be a massive celebration when comes to this festival. Food, people, games, firework....

You name it, then you got to see all during these 15 days long of festival celebrations. In fact, we are all influenced by our elderly on our tradition. Regardless to which races and religions you are from, all the beliefs and practices are what we called 'root'(tradition). Here comes to a big thumbs up to fellow Malaysian, where we know not only just our root, but also others races and religions. People are not only embrace and respect to other beliefs and races, but sometimes we celebrate different festival together.

Here comes to our main topic today, Chinese New Year celebration. As usual, Root has its plan on celebrating this special occasion with our Rooties, by launching few of the new products for festive purpose.

There are some reminiscences from our last year Chinese New Year Special, where we launched a series of limited edition kombucha. That was the first time we started to come out with different flavours apart from the classic four flavours.

Chrysanthemum, Hawthorne licorice and lemon monk fruit, these were the flavours launched and the response was somehow better than we expected.

Fast forward to this year, we are doing almost the same as last year, with the addition of some assorted cookies and souvenir. Allow us to unveil the flavours:

Chrysanthemum Kombucha

Being one of the most popular comeback shoutout from last year Chinese New Year series flavours, chrysanthemum has finally come back again due to their popularity. The fragrance of the flower matches well with the sourness of the kombucha, making it a unique drink for quenching thirst and maintaining well guts health during Chinese New Year.

Taste intensity: ★ ★ ☆ ☆☆

Earl Grey Butterfly Pea Kombucha

Tinged with bergamot orange fragrance, Earl grey tea has presented it unique citrus flavour and perfectly matched with tanginess in kombucha.

Light fermented kombucha that retains the flora taste from the earl grey tea, giving it a sweet fragrance to the beverage. It presents gentle sensation to your palette while not giving up the benefits of kombucha.

Taste intensity: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

Roselle Kombucha

Some people called it as 'Ribena' soft drink, in fact, it brings heaps of health benefits to our body including aids in weight loss and relieve menstrual pain. Astringency of roselle has been perfectly covered by licorice, forming a smooth sensation while consuming the kombucha. It is good choice when serving with Chinese New Year Cookies.

Taste intensity: ★ ★ ★☆ ☆

These are the flavours that we purposely match for this coming Chinese New Year, they are good in quenching your thirst or 'cooling' down your body after having all the cookies and fried 'heaty' stuff during Chinese New Year.

With kombucha as the main focus on this coming festival, we have prepared you with few of the options, that is good to send it as a gift or own consumptions.