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Unusual Norm of Festival Celebration

National day/ Malaysia day is just around the corner, but we might miss the celebration part that used to be warm and crowded. We have adapted to a new norm of festival celebration: staying at home, will be the greatest gift from citizen to our beloved Malaysia


Some people would blame COVID. Yeah, it should be blamed by turning over the norm of human life over the past two years.

My fear raised when I heard about few cases of hawker sellers that I used to go and dapao, got infected by COVID-19. My heart sank as the cases is getting more closer to us than ever. Even though I have fully vaccinated (not long time ago), and I am always in full protection whenever I'm exposed to public places, we are still prone to this deadly virus. I don't wish to bring the disease back home and victimise my family. That's horrible.


We are currently surrounded by the negativity that you can't see the end of it. Why don't we try to make it a bit positive during the festive event? It reminds us to work hand in hand through the hardship and hard time, as fast as possible.

We will make the first move about spreading the positivity, by contributing part of the profit that we made through online sales to Pandemic Fund initiates by Mercy Malaysia.

Mercy Malaysia is an NGO by focusing on medical field especially on providing medical relief, sustainable and health related development and risk reduction activities for vulnerable communities. It always take the role as frontliner when facing the pandemic. Here are some significant contribution from Mercy Malaysia:

  1. Involvement in National Institute of Health response team by supporting the large scale screening and testing of COVID-19.

  2. Setting up warehouse for related operation and food/non food supplies for COVID related affair.

  3. Distributing food source to needed, deliver PPE to clinics and hospitals and sanitised high infectious area.

  4. Education purpose including awareness campaign by distributing brochure to public citizen.

There are much more than the mentioned effort done by Mercy Malaysia and they still need more help from us.

Our profit donation might not be contributing much but I believe it will be better than nothing. Maybe you can be the good Samaritan today by contributing some token for them at

Leave your comment below on how what can we do for the next, we wish to involve you in our next project!

( Idea: white flag project maybe? Pitch up to us!)

Last but not least, Happy Merdeka day, Malaysia!

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